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Power Transmission Couplings
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Power Transmission Couplings

CEO Greetings

For the past 30 years when the national economy has grown rapidly, we, PT COUPLINGS has contributed to the development of the rotation power industry as a global member. In the past, the couplings has been neglected due to its small size and low price compared to the related machines, but we have researched and developed to break away from the concept that couplings is for simple power transmission only but in fact it will contribute to the extension of machine life and the improved protection of productivity efficiency of related machines. Now, in this era of technological rapid development, we, PT COUPLINGS is trying to carry out the great plan to lead the trends by providing excellent quality products through the efforts of all the employees in domestic and foreign countries based on expertise, specialty, high precision machinery facilities and accurate QC system.

We would like to share our strong first steps with you.
Moving into the world, Stepping into the future!